Fair Shopping Policy

We have a pure Business-to-Consumer model and our ultimate goal is to help our users save money by not spending more than what they should when buying. To avoid fraud and abuse of our pricing policies, our users can buy a maximum of one product per month. Through this, we aim to protect and benefit our users by avoiding bulk purchases by businesses.

Our shipping policy is specifically designed for individual customers and not mobile businesses. We provide shipping services exclusively to individual customers who place orders for personal use. We do not offer shipping options for mobile businesses or bulk orders intended for resale.

Corporate Orders:

We have a dedicated policy in place to accommodate corporate orders and provide shipping services for such orders. We understand the unique requirements of corporate customers and offer tailored shipping solutions to meet their needs. If you have a corporate order that requires shipping, please contact our corporate sales team who will assist you in arranging the shipment and provide you with the necessary information regarding our corporate shipping policy.