Alfalah instalments Via QR

Installment plans with Bank Alfalah QR Code SCAN THIS QR CODe FROM YOUR ALFA APP.

Installment types with Alfa QR Code Pay in 3 installments at

(One-time processing Fee 5.5%)

  Pay in 6 installments at

One-time processing Fee 8%)

  Pay in 9 installments at

One-time processing Fee 10%)

  Pay in 12 installments at

(One-time processing Fee 12%)


How does it work With Bank Alfalah QR Code?

The process is very simple and select any product from www.fonepro.pk and place the order with

“Payment method” ” Alfalah installments ” at checkout.

You will get the total order amount to be paid e.g

( Rs. 100,000 ). So Installments will be made on (100,000 + DC + Processing fee)

Now follow the installment process as mentioned below.

Scan QR via Alfa App ( Provided by FFP)
Select “Credit Card” and enter the amount
Click “Yes” to Pay in Installments
Select your desired tenure & click proceed
Accept “Terms and Conditions”
The transaction is successful.
Terms and conditions:

Pay in installments option by scanning QR will only be available for credit card customers (source of payment should be a credit card).
Pay in installments by scanning QR will be available for transaction amounts more than PKR 3,000.
If the customer chooses to pay in installments, his credit card limit equal to the transaction amount will be locked for tenure selected by the customer.
The customer will receive the confirmation SMS for the SBS booking within 3 days.
No markup will be charged.
Processing Fees ranging from 0-12% will be charged on the transaction amount.