HUAWEI WATCH D Blood Pressure Measurement | ECG Analysis Smartwatch



  • 1.64-inch screen with an HD resolution providing 326 PPI retina-level clarity.
  • IP68 water and dust resistance.
  • Support for 70+ sports modes.
  • Blood pressure monitoring.
  • TruSeen 5.0+ for health and fitness monitoring.
  • Wireless charging, Up to 7 days for typical use. 
  • HarmonyOS 2 or later, Android 6.0 or later, iOS 12.0 or later.

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HUAWEI WATCH D Blood Pressure Measurement | ECG Analysis Smartwatch
HUAWEI WATCH D Blood Pressure Measurement | ECG Analysis Smartwatch 124,999.00


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huawei watch d smartwatch price in pakistan Rs. 124999 Blood Pressure Measurement, ECG Analysis Always-on heart rate (intelligent mode), scientific sleep at night, blood pressure measurement 6 times a day, ECG measurement 5 times a day, average weekly exercise 90 minutes, and message notification enabled (50 messages, 6 calls, 3 alarms per day) . The screen turns on 200 times a day. Actual battery life varies depending on usage habits.




Huawei wrist ECG blood pressure recorder

Blood pressure measurement | ECG acquisition
has passed the registration of Class II medical device by the Food and Drug Administration

1. Users who cannot maintain a stable posture (such as patients with Parkinson’s disease, cerebrovascular disease sequelae, etc.), atrial fibrillation and other irregular heart rhythms, severe anemia, peripheral vascular disease or Takayasu arteritis affecting peripheral blood vessels may use this product to measure blood pressure. The error is large; users who install pacemakers or other implantable devices are not recommended to use the ECG acquisition function of this product.

2. The device package is equipped with both L size and M size straps and airbags, which can support a wrist circumference of 13.0-20.0 cm. Before purchasing, please measure the circumference of your own wrist. If it exceeds the wrist circumference supported by the device, please Don’t buy it. If you can’t accurately judge your wrist circumference, please go to the offline store to measure and experience.

Wrist Blood Pressure Specialist

Lightweight and comfortable, blood pressure measurement on the wrist

HUAWEI WATCH D ingeniously superimposes micro-pumps, air bags and other structures to integrate blood pressure measurement technology into the watch; the use of 2.5D three-dimensional curved glass mirror makes the smart and beautiful feeling on the wrist; double-button design, simple and orderly; cabin-type high-hardness aluminum alloy medium frame for a soft and delicate silhouette.

*Please read the product manual carefully or purchase and use it under the guidance of medical staff. For contraindications or precautions, please refer to the manual .
Advertisement Examination Approval Number: Guangdong Machinery Guangshen (Text) No. 261017-16168

Innovative hardware design,
accurate and worry-free measurement

HUAWEI WATCH D integrates a high-precision pressure sensor, a pressure feedback control circuit, and a low-flow resistance gas path to realize a pressure measurement system with an error within ± 3 mmHg. The built-in polymer tensile material strap, the human factor engineering arc airbag, and the butterfly buckle make the pressurization process more stable and improve the accuracy .

Authoritative certification, excellent quality

Clinically verified by multiple hospitals, accurate and reliable

HUAWEI WATCH D has been clinically verified by many professional institutions such as West China Hospital of Sichuan University, 301 Hospital 6 , Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Dongguan People’s Hospital and the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University .

Blood Pressure Health Study 7
Identification of Potential Blood Pressure Risks

Based on HUAWEI Watch D’s high-performance micropump and PPG sensor, it adopts innovative Hybrid blood pressure measurement technology to realize ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, daytime high pressure reminder, blood pressure circadian rhythm and other functions to help you actively manage blood pressure health.

Smart reminder,
seize the right time to measure

Measure blood pressure every morning and evening to better manage blood pressure health. When you wake up in the morning, HUAWEI WATCH D can automatically remind you to measure blood pressure; you can also customize the measurement reminder plan, measure regularly every day, and continuously observe blood pressure changes. 

your doctor friends

Huawei Sports Health and Ping An Health provide 7 x 24-hour health management services 8 . Support the signing of exclusive private doctors, answer health questions online all day, and customize a personalized health management plan for you based on your health data, and manage your daily health with the reminder function of the watch.
The purchase of HUAWEI WATCH D includes one year of exclusive guardianship services .

4 major benefits

· Private doctor service · Expert registration assistance
· Top three specialist consultation · Vitality Life Membership

3 big scenes

· Private customized health plan · Active bi-weekly weekly report reviews
· Interpretation of various reports such as ECG and blood pressure

Remotely protect family health,
care is always online

 Huawei Sports Health App supports family space data sharing 9 , and you can view family blood pressure health reports and abnormal blood pressure records at any time. Let care not be absent.

Daily health check-in,
maintain vitality and good state

Huawei Sports Health cooperates closely with the National Hypertension Specialist Medical Association. Under the guidance of national experts such as Chairman Professor Cai Jun, Huawei has created a digital and intelligent blood pressure health management solution in accordance with the “China Hypertension Health Management Standard”, combined with HUAWEI WATCH D Blood pressure measurement and Huawei Sports Health App personalized blood pressure management service to achieve active blood pressure health management.

heart health consultant

ECG ECG collection,
care for heart health

*Please read the product manual carefully or purchase and use it under the guidance of medical staff. For contraindications or precautions, please refer to the manual .
Advertisement Examination Approval Number: Guangdong Machinery Guangshen (Text) No. 261017-16167

Can’t read an EKG?
Expert interpretation for you

After completing the ECG measurement, you can send the ECG measurement results to a third-party doctor for online interpretation, analyze the measurement results and provide you with health management advice. This function can be used for unlimited free within one year. At the same time, you can also obtain more detailed interpretation reports through the paid ECG interpretation service11 provided by the National Telemedicine and Internet Medicine Center .

TruSeen™ 5.0+
Monitoring Technology

TruSeen™ 5.0+ monitoring technology, using eight photoelectric sensors in a ring layout and two sets of light sources, can detect more channels of signals, and has stronger anti-interference ability; with ergonomically designed curved sapphire glass lens Comfortable, can more effectively reduce external light interference; thanks to the upgrade of AI algorithm and the use of high-fidelity signal processing technology, it can extract more effective signals, filter out interference, and monitor heart rate more accurately. The PVD-coated ECG electrodes on the curved sapphire lens 12 can better fit the skin, thereby improving the ECG signal quality.

Vascular Health Study 1 ,
Arteriosclerosis Risk Screening

Based on HUAWEI WATCH D’s high-performance ECG and PPG sensors, the fusion detection of pulse wave velocity, accurate screening of arteriosclerosis risks, and professional health advice to achieve home active vascular health management.

Heart Health Study 2 ,
Arrhythmia Risk Screening

Heart health research has been upgraded again. Based on high-performance ECG and PPG sensors, a new screening for high heart rate atrial fibrillation13 has been added , which can refine the identification of atrial fibrillation, ventricular prematureness, and atrial premature death At the same time, it supports the research on atrial fibrillation risk prediction, helps to predict the risk of atrial fibrillation in advance, and manages heart health independently.

Intimate health butler

Sleep Apnea
Risk Screening

Sleep apnea is a common condition, often manifested by snoring, daytime sleepiness, etc., but many people are not aware of it. parameter fusion judgment, screening for sleep apnea risk, and providing hierarchical improvement suggestions 

hypoxia? Test to know

When the blood oxygen content is low, it is easy to cause fatigue and sleepiness, memory loss, and long-term insufficient blood oxygen content will cause damage to the brain, heart and other organs. HUAWEI WATCH D can intelligently monitor blood oxygen saturation 14 , and pay attention to your blood oxygen health.

sleep well tonight

Equipped with HUAWEI TruSleep™ 2.0 sleep monitoring algorithm, it can monitor whether it is deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement (REM), awakening, or sporadic naps, deeply assess sleep quality, and help you develop good work and rest habits. 15

Take a deep breath to relieve stress

Support pressure monitoring. When the pressure is too high, it will remind you to release the pressure through breathing training and adjust your state in time. 15

Body temperature research, know whether you are cold or warm

The built-in temperature detection sensor detects skin temperature and estimates body temperature 16 , letting you know body temperature changes and providing high and low temperature reminders.

70+ sport modes

It supports 70+ sports modes such as running, cycling, rope skipping, elliptical machine, rowing machine, etc. It also supports intelligent recognition of 6 daily sports18 With high-precision GNSS positioning chip, it can accurately record the movement trajectory and witness every drop of your sweat.

HUAWEI Watch D Sports

Strong battery life

When fully charged , HUAWEI WATCH D lasts up to 7 days 19 ; supports wireless charging, bid farewell to cumbersome, and charge immediately. Strong battery life, long-lasting escort for your health .

7 days

your life assistant

Built-in multi-function NFC module, HUAWEI WATCH D can be transformed into your access control card, traffic card, you can easily travel by raising your wrist; support voice assistant, listen to your commands at any time, blood pressure measurement, ECG collection, alarm clock setting , weather query, all is not a problem 


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