Samsung Galaxy buds Plus+ Problem solve Right or Left Earbud Not Working


Samsung Galaxy buds Plus+ Problem solve Right or Left Earbud Not Working

1. First You need to charge the left or Right Which is Not Working bud alone for 30min just make sure the case is connected to the adapter while charging the bud alone.

Problem solve Right or Left Earbud Not Working

2. Then after that put the right one Right Which is Not Working inside the case and then reset the buds in the wearables app and then connect it again. Still left bud will not show on wearables app okay.

Galaxy buds Plus+ issue

3. Now take out the left Right Which is Not Working right bud from the case and take out or put the left one continuously inside the case many times after that green light will change to red and it starts to blink and after that put the right one inside the case.

Samsung Galaxy buds Plus

4. Now touch and hold both buds at the same time indicator starts blinking green light now close the case and again open it and try to connect it to the app if it still doesn’t show, Here is your final step.

solve Right or Left 

5. while both buds being inside the case now remove and insert the left one from the case continuously approx 7 times just like I mentioned in step 3 now while you’re doing this continuous process your left bud will show on the wearables app with 1% battery and there you go.

I hope that works for everyone

6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy buds Plus+ Problem solve Right or Left Earbud Not Working

  1. Scott says:

    I am on my second pair of Galaxy Plus Earbuds. On the first pair the right bud suddenly could barely be heard. Verizon replaced the set. Now 6 months later, I was using the buds, and the right bud shut down for low battery. After charging, the right bud could barely be heard, though it was connected, and responding to touch.
    I started searching the web for a resolution, and nothing worked, including the above, until I got to step 5.
    I repeatedly moved the right bud from my ear, to the case. On the first two cycles the green light would flash once when placing the bud in the case, but on the third time the green light kept flashing continuously. When I next placed it in my ear, I heard the “Bling” sound from that bud. Now both work normally.
    Thanks SAYYAM.

  2. Saeed abd says:

    Thank you for the post, it worked but not exactly as you said. Here is my formula:
    (My right earbud had the problem)
    1. Charge the case and stay it connected to the outlet.
    2. Remove the working earbud while the buds are connected to your phone.
    3. Remove and re-insert the malfunctioning bud repeatedly and fast. I did it about 20 times or so!
    4. Put the malfunctioning bud in the case when the case led becomes red.
    5. Put the working earbud in the case (i think this step is optional but not sure)
    6. Keep the case lid open while you are monitoring the charge level in the app.
    It will start charging after a few minutes or so but let it stay there for at least 20%.
    Hope it works for u as well.

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